19 March 2011


Some pics to let you see how things are going.  The first is of D - hard at work and looking happy with it (I think that was towards the end of the stint!)

This is how it's looking so far - these are going to have different kinds of potatoes in them.
And this is of the allotments area - gives you a little bit of an idea how exposed it all is.   The plots are half sized, only 10m x 10m, but it seems to be big enough for most folk. There are some families who have "doublers" but the single plot is fine for us.

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  1. Wow it looks so full of promise and more importantly the promise of spuds!

    I had a little Vernal Equinox miracle. I opened up a bag of tatties to roast for Kent Pagan shinding and one of the spuds was...heart shaped! It was a love spud...I blessed all assembled by rubbing it on their forhead.



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