14 March 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Is it Spring yet?

No, not yet.

Is it Spring yet?

No. Need to wait a wee while.

Is it - oh, never mind, I know what the answer is! LOL!

The snow melted pretty quickly (hurray!) and was replaced by pouring rain.

To cheer myself up yesterday I planted some shallot and red onion sets in one of those modular seed trays and stuck it in the greenhouse - more as an experiment and a "oh for crying out loud, I have to plant *something*, *anything*!" :D

I was in bed by 8pm last night, telling D that, you know, I dont think I'll sleep, I'm really not that *snore*. Woke up at 7.30. And you know what? I'm shattered!! Bleh!

This morning was a phone call from the Occupational Health nurse assigned by my work, to discuss how ready I am to return to work (in her view, nowhere near ready yet) and how to phase the return when I AM ready. (In her view, I am ready when I can do my usual housework, shopping, phone calls etc and not feel that I have to go to bed for a snooze in the afternoon or that I'm weeping with tiredness by teatime... Right.) So she's going to recommend that I start back work working 4 hours Monday, Wed and Friday. One of those days will be in the office and the other two working from home. After a couple of weeks, providing I'm up to it, I'll increase to two of those 4 hour days in the office, and gradually build up the number of hours I work over a 6 week period. Which, I have to tell you, I'm so relieved at: I'd been worrying about how to deal with getting back into my work and the demands on my concentration it makes. This has reassured me no end, and D is happy with it, so just needs my HR Dept and boss to sign off on it.

I've had a productive morning: am making River Cottage lentil and butternut squash pasties, and creamy chicken, leek, bacon and thyme pies. Energy levels dictate that is all I'll be able to do today, so the floor will have to remain unswept and ironing etc left for another day. I'm slowly (very slowly) learning to pace myself (D, you can stop laughing in the background) so I'm now going to go and put my feet up and read some of Nigel Slater's "Tender Vol 1" :)

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  1. Hey babes, glad you feel positive about your Occie Health call. I found that a phased return really helped when I went doo dally tap.

    I really hope that all helpful, needful things wing a way to your door, because you really are a fantastic chicca who karmically should not have any crap in her life!

    PS Is it that I can haz pastie?



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