7 March 2011

Fresh start

Okay, this is a totally new thing for me. I moderate a (Pagan) web forum and use the blog there, but, inspired by the other people blogging about their smallholdings/ allotments/ veg plots etc, I thought I'd add my tuppenceworths. There'll be nothing terribly controversial here, this is intended to be a charting through my days, weeks, months and however long I use this.

This is a form of therapy for me at the moment as well. I'm recovering from a bad bout of Swine Flu and as a result of that and a series of chest infections I'm now (temporarily) signed off work with Post Viral Fatigue which has drastically limited what I can do both physically and mentally. Blogging will help me feel that even if I'm sitting doing nothing, I'm still doing something.

I am - I will admit, a workaholic. I (mostly) love my job (a project manager) but it can be manic most of the time. And combine that with running a house, looking after cats, hens, garden, and allotment, moderating a website - oh, and not forgetting my volunteer work at the David Marshall Lodge in Aberfoyle where I'm an information officer telling people about the Ospreys who breed annually in the area (I'll blog about that at some point too), I tend to operate at 110% as a matter of course.

Often it's hard to see that any progress is being made because I'm running around - I think that spending time writing will help me stop and smell the roses a little bit

Hubby, D, will appear in the blog, as will Lola and Poppy (cats), Murdina, Donalda and Grizel (hens) (I should explain the hens' names: D is from the Isle of Lewis (there will be blogs about that as we go there regularly) where tradition dictates the firstborn takes the name of the father. Even if it's a girl. So Murdo becomes Murdina, Donald becomes Donalda, Norman becomes Normanina,etc. Grizel is the name of one of my ancestors: - gotta get a bit of the Lowlands in the mix too :-) )

So, that's the background. Next blog will actually be about the allotment (mostly).


"All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar" (Helen Hayes)

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