23 March 2011

Potting and baking

Today started at 6.30 am. No, I have no idea why either, but since I was wide awake (more or less) and had feed our girls, then go and feed friend's cat, and get rolls while the shop still had the fresh ones from the morning delivery, I decided to get up. I always feel I should be trying to be as "normal" as possible, so getting up, showered, dressed etc, just makes me feel less like I'm malingering and more like myself should be. Plus there's the daily early morning requirement to run in and out to shush the hens with corn and other delights when they start gurning and screaming because they want the nest box and someone, who shall remain nameless (Murdina) hogs the best one.

Anyway, of course, by the time 8.30 came I was absolutely exhausted and needed to go back go bed again. I was in bed 2 minutes, literally, and the buhKAWKing started: Grizel with the most piercing "crow" and just generally making her displeasure at being out on her own, known. Giving up on sleep I got dressed and decided to pot on some seedlings out in the garden to keep her company. Don't ask me why they shut up when you're out there with them, but it works. So I potted on the broccoli into bigger pots, and the leeks into the dinky pots the broccoli had vacated. The butternut squash took a spurt over the last couple of days so it's now in a 4 inch pot. I also potted on the sweet peas, and have taken a chance and stuck them in the greenhouse (which will hopefully stand for a while), as much to create a bit of space in the windowsills in the house!

After just half an hour, both Donalda and Murdina had produced their eggs (a record timing), so I decided to head back to bed for a snooze. Just as I was dropping off: the phone went. Wrong number. Trudged back up to bed, this time I think I managed 5 mins, and then the doorbell went.

By this time I was swithering over whether the universe was trying to tell me not to bother, but I'm not thrawn for nothing, so finally managed to get an hour and a half by lunchtime.

Feeling much restored this afternoon, so decided to make Nigel Slater's Demerara Lemon cake from his Kitchen Diaries, only I made Demerara Lemon muffins. Oh. My. Gods. They are absolutely sublime and a total doddle to make. Of course, I'd read the recipe properly, I'd have put the syrupy lemon slices on top of the muffins to bake for the duration of the baking, rather than just flinging them on at the end and baking for 5 mins, but no matter. They are heavenly. Fudgey with the ground almonds, and lemony and just altogether gorgeous. Maybe they won't freeze well and I'll just have to eat them all over the next few days.

I know, what a disaster that would be...

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