16 March 2011

And two back

Not a fabulous day today, both in terms of weather and progress.

Yesterday it poured with rain the entire day, absolutely bucketed down, so that the hens refused to leave the shelter of their coop area, and the street ran rivers which bubbled and probably developed currents as they flowed. Last night, when the rain eased, I could hear the drains gurgling as they did their best to deal with all the water.

Today the hen run is a bit of a quagmire, and the rain has been replaced with freezing haar.

One of the "features" of living on the edge of the Forth, is the tendency the Forth Valley has for haar, or sea fog. It's always called "haar" though - I wonder if that is to do with the Dutch influence as the Forth was a major route to the Low Countries. In late Spring/ early Summer, we tend to get alternating hot and dry days with cold and murky ones as the Forth heats up too quickly and then evaporates. It takes a few weeks for the temperatures to normalise to some degree. If you get high enough up on the hills outside the town, and look down, you can see a line of defined thick cloud lying along the line River out to the North Sea, which means that if you travel just a few miles you can leave the murk behind and be in the most gorgeous sun.

Today is a dreich day and utterly still.

Which is kind of how I am too, today. Pinned to the sofa with exhaustion and inability to concentrate means that reading or watching TV is just too much like hard work. So it's a day of day-dreaming and just letting the time go by, I think. I didn't *think* I'd overdone it yesterday, but maybe it's a cummulative effect over a couple of days. It's disappointing: I was hoping to do a tiny bit of exercise today, nothing much, just 5 mins of stretching as I'm feeling flabby and bleh after weeks of enforced inactivity. But it'll need to keep another day.

The leeks, broccoli, sweet pea, butternut squash, cabbage and one particularly impatient sunflower seedlings are now ready to be repotted, but I just haven't the energy. I'm sure they'll be fine until tomorrow.

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  1. Oh honey, sorry to hear that you're feel dreich (though can I say that it's a fabulous word. You're in my thoughs and prayers to my PTB's everyday.

    Healing from this is a painfully slow progress, good days then dreich ones. I know that the weather often seems to have some sort of pathetic fallacy going on. It's been dreary and foggy her and as you know my moods flogging a bit too. But really appreciated your comments today, cheered me up on my misty bus ride no end.

    But hopefully you'll tap into the rising sap and the pull of the season.

    Wishing you some more clement weather and the strength to do a little pottering in the garden, there is something very theraputic about grubbing around in the soil.

    ((((((extra Queenie dust hugs))))))))))


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