15 May 2011

Blog award fabulousness

This was awarded to me by the fabulous Caroline at the Numinous Wilds

These are the blogs and bloggers I choose to pay the award forward to:

Freebird's Flight of Fancy
The SmallestSmallholding

And my 7 bits of randomness:

I like tomato ketchup but not tomatoes
I once dislocated my knee doing the Timewarp (it was the jump to the left)
Family lore has it that an ancestor of mine was Lord Mayor of London back in the early Mediaeval ages.
I taught myself to play the piano but can't read music.
I got married up a mountain in Colorado wearing jeans and a T-Shirt
Cats, even strange ones, love me
I was the youngest person at Uni when I first started, having started school at 4.


  1. The cats thing applies to me too - may be we just have a particularly feline aura (or something)?

  2. Woohoo, an award just for little ole me :)

    I'll go and put it on mine once I've narrowed down the randomness to 7!


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