11 May 2011

Answers on a postcard

One our feathered little darlings must have managed to squeeze out under a gap in the chicken wire today.

I was confused though because there was no evidence of an ecstatic, manically digging hen in the veg beds, indeed, all three hens were in their run looking as though butter wouldn't melt.

But the evidence was all to clear, veg beds which were dug over, dug out and dug up. The salad bed with only a few sparse seedlings to show yet: dug so thoroughly I couldn't have done a better job myself - if I'd wanted to...

Clearly she'd got out (my money's on it having been Grizel) and for whatever reason, her teeny brain had told her to get back in to her run again.

What's stumped me is why she totally avoided eating the sprouting broccoli, or the spring greens that we grow specifically for them. Bizarre.

Anyway, the thing is that now I have a salad bed with no salad stuff, an asparagus bed with no asparagus (they were bare root plants which have not taken anyway), and a butternut squash plant which has taken a bit of a battering...

In at the office today to work for the first time in months. It was all meetings and just me trying to catch up on what everyone's been doing. Good gods, but it was exhausting though! Could feel myself really struggling at points and getting quite dizzy... Thankfully I'm working from home tomorrow so a bit less intense.

And if there are any sunny spells I can have a go at repairing the gap in the hen run and seeing what I can salvage/ replant...

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