30 April 2011


Well, unless you've been on another planet you can't have failed to notice that there was a wedding yesterday. We had a house guest who gamely put up with the telly being on so I could see the nuptials take place. What can I say? I think the couple seem genuinely happy with each other, and I like weddings, and seeing people being happy, and of course, taking the opportunity to people-watch and point and laugh at some of the god-awful outfits and hats on display. Money, it seems, can't buy good taste. The bridal party though were unsurpassabe, I have to say, I just loved that dress. It was beautiful. White and elegant and slinky. The bride's frock was lovely too :-D.

This might not be traditional wedding season, but it's certainly a season of fertility and sap rising and all that. Today is Beltane. I *should* be not far from William and Kate's alma mater with a lot of Pagans, setting up my chair in a garden and catching up beside a bonfire, before retiring early to catch some zzzz's in advance of a dawn dance round a maypole and jump over the bonfire. Instead I'm at home wih a sore throat and feeling shattered. I didn't want to risk coming down with a lurgy since I have to go back to work in a week. Hey ho. Sense prevails but I'm not exactly thrilled at missing out on a celebration with people whose company I enjoy and whose friendship means so much.

Instead I celebrated Beltane at home, quietly. Myself and D tied red, yellow and golden ribbons onto our apple trees while making wishes with each one, and there's incense and libations poured and in that small way, I feel I've welcomed in Summer. :-)

And - wow - hasn't it just?! It's glorious here. The allotment and garden need daily watering. I spent an hour today cutting down potato foliage and spraying with Bordeaux Mixture as once more, blight seems to have affected them. The crop in the autumn was, well, blighted, which prompted our decision to plant the potatoes in another bed. So I was frustrated to see that the new crop has been affeced too. I'm hoping we caught it early enough to ensure a half decent crop. At least the potatoes in the garden are doing well.

In the field that adjoins the allotments, a farmer has a flock of Jacob sheep, and today I watched as the farmer and his two rough collie dogs rounded up and herded the sheep. It was just like "One Man And His Dog" - brilliant stuff :-)

Tomorrow is May Day - D is taking me out to dinner to celebrate Beltane/ commiserate the enforced change of plans. The Boathouse in South Queensferry - I'm looking forward to it :-)

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  1. I know how you feel. I'm very sad too at missing the Beltane celebrations with everyone. But I just felt I couldn't cope with the long, long drives and then having to attend Pete's funeral in Yorkshire.

    Fingers crossed next time, eh.

    Enjoy your dinner tomorrow :-)


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